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Vanessa  Horne

Vanessa Horne

Ms. Vanessa Horne grew up in Long County, Georgia, where her family has lived for over 100 years. She first started working in the legal field in 1998 for the Atlantic Judicial Circuit District Attorney’s Office as an enforcement agent for Child Support Services, where she worked until 2006.  Working for Child Support Services provided her with invaluable experience dealing with the intricacies of calculating child support in Georgia, whether it be for a divorce or a modification of child support case. When she left the district attorney’s office in 2006, she began working as a paralegal, which she has continued to do ever since. In her over 17 years of working as a paralegal, she has focused heavily on family law matters, working directly with clients and their families. She has assisted in thousands of cases, making her one of the most experienced family law paralegals in this area.

Jordan Richardson

Jordan Richardson

Mr. Christopher “Jordan” Richardson a Long County, Georgia, native, worked full time as an assistant manager for American Eagle in Savannah, Georgia, while also attending college. In 2018, he earned his Bachelor of Science degree in business economics with a concentration in marketing from Georgia Southern University. Mr. Richardson first became interested in the legal system in 2016, when he started working part time as a legal assistant for me, attorney Katie Bates, while still working full time at American Eagle. His interest in the legal system prompted him to earn his certification as a general civil mediator and domestic relations mediator after he graduated from Georgia Southern. He transitioned into working full time as a paralegal in 2018 and has been able to put his degree and certifications to use assisting in complex corporate litigation cases as well as criminal matters.